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Monday, March 21, 2011


This is the result of a misunderstanding my 3 yr old had w/an open car door. Apparently he couldn't quite make it through ;) Thank God he's no worse for the wear though.

I was running around today, b/c I was late, trying to get everyone out the door so I could go get blood drawn and make sure that my quant levels are still decreasing even though my body for whatever reason isn't processing the loss of Baby Elijah like most bodies do (now that's a run-on sentence, LOL, and I'm not done) AND that's when Trey walked into the car door. I'm placing a screaming child into his car seat as I watch a goose egg over an inch high form on his head. We get to my OB's, I get my blood drawn, have the RN look at Trey, and she thinks we should go to a prompt care. I call our pediatrician, talk to the RN there, she's ok with me just watching for neurological problems and coming in the next day for our 3 yr check-up that we already had planned. I get everyone home, and the goose egg had already come back down into barely a bump. I count myself very blessed! A couple tootsie rolls later and Trey didn't even care that he cracked his head.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

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