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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three weeks later...

It's been three weeks since my husband and I found out that our baby wasn't going to be one that we could ever hold in our arms. It's been easier and harder than I thought it'd be coming to terms with the news. My body is having a difficult time processing the miscarriage and is not allowing it to happen, but I've been having signs the last 10 days that it's getting the message. I'm amazed at how God has met Steve and I through this and the grace He's poured out to help us maneuver around the unfamiliar terrain. God is so good, even when our circumstances are not.

Steve has this amazing ability to 'know' what people are having, and thus far has yet to be wrong. He was certain that I was carrying a boy and had him named from day one. We will forever refer to him as Baby Elijah. I want him back in my womb, but I have accepted that he's got another purpose than to be cradled lovingly in my arms on this earth.

I pray that God would just continue the work that He's started in my heart. I need His peace and the joy that comes from intimately knowing Him and how much He loves us. I ask for His will to be known on whether we should go for another baby or just rest and enjoy the three wonderful blessings that He had bestowed upon us. I am blessed beyond measure and know that God has so many more blessings stored up for me and I walk in obedience to Him and pursue the desires He places in my heart. Thank You God for what you do and have done in our lives, I want to experience all that You have for me!

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