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Sunday, April 3, 2011

OUCH again!

Chase (4 1/2 yrs old) the morning after his fiasco, that is a smile ;)

Chase was trying to learn how to ride a scooter and had gone about one foot and lost his balance. He started screaming and I picked him up to see blood all over his face. I pulled him close to me, spoke calmly to him to try and put him at ease, and then pulled him back away to see what happened. He had a torn his upper lip when the handle bars of the scooter caught him just right to do some damage. I get him and Trey (my 3 yr old) into the car and called my MIL who's a nurse to see where I should take him. She said that a prompt care would be able to do stitches to that's where we went.
We get to the Prompt Care, wait a lil' over an hour to be seen, and then have them tell us they don't think that they will be able to help us there.  She asks us to just hold on while she pages the Plastic Surgeon and to see if he would be able to help us out.  I start softly singing praises and praying over Chase and he's calm as can be, the Didj most likely helped with that too though, lol.  We're waiting about 25 min, and I prayed to God that if we needed to be going somewhere else that was fine, but that I wanted to know what was going on.  Less than a minute later, the RN comes in to tell me that they are still waiting for the plastic surgeon to call back and they'd let us know ASAP what was going on.  I just continued to sing over Chase while we waiting and about 20 min later she comes back in to say that they got ahold of the plastic surgeon's RN and he's in surgery and will be for a while, which is why he never called back.  They wished us luck and sent on downtown to the ER.

Chase fell asleep as soon as we got in the car.  I was regretting my choice of 4 1/2 in stiletto heels as I carried my snoozing 40 + lb boy into the ER.  They get us checked in and told us to wait.  The wonderful grace of God allowed Chase to sleep the entire hour and a half we waited.  As I walked back to his room, Chase woke up and was inconsolable.  He was tired, hurting, and scared.  We get into the room and had a wonderful Dr and RN's and child help specialist that tried to comfort Chase and calm him down.

The Dr told us that they would use ketamine (sp) to sedate him, that he would still be awake, but that he wouldn't feel the pain, nor would he even be aware of what was going on.  I've heard before that when people are given things that put them out there is an unfortunate possibility to the demonic spiritual realm gaining access b/c of the unnatural state of consciousness at that time.  I figured regardless whether that was true, I was going to be covering my baby in prayers.  I prayed for God to send warrior angels to encamp around Chase as he went out, and fight off anything demonic that would try to come, and also prayed that God would send more angels to sing over Chase, and that whatever part of his brain was active at that time would be seeing Jesus and his beauty and anything wonderful that God would want to entertain him with.

The RN came in and told us that as Chase woke up from the ketamine that there was a good chance he would be aggressive and agitated, to not be surprised if he yelled out for no apparent reason for the next day, and to expect horrible nightmares.  I thanked her for the information, but told her that I was NOT receiving any of that for Chase and that I believed that he would be just fine, although I would not be surprised if those symptoms did manifest.  She also said that his lip would hurt much worse the next day and to keep ice on it.  She pulled up video on youtube and told us that this is a bit of what we could expect with Chase

This is the video the nurse had me watch on the effects of ketamine (sp).

The Dr came in and they proceeded to try and get the IV's in. Chase struggled against them and pulled out 2 of the IV's, and they finally got a 3rd into his hand. I felt horrible b/c I never even thought to pray over that part of this fiasco. They got the ketamine into his system he went under. His eyes stayed open and he had a few tears fall down his face as they were stitching him up. I continued to pray over him in the spirit and once they were done, held his hand and started singing songs to him that I was just making up as I went.

He started coming to and was so peaceful and quiet. The RN was amazed and asked what church we went to, LOL. We left and headed home after filling a prescription that the pharmacist told us would taste horrible even with the flavoring we added.

I am thankful to report that not only did Chase not scream out throughout the rest of the evening, but he also slept soundly through the night. The next morning when he woke up, his lip looked so bad, and when I asked him how it felt, he said fine! I about fell to my knees in thankfulness and praise b/c I never even asked God to take away the pain of it. It never occurred to me that was even a possibility, but yet God did that for Chase anyways.

I'm grateful to say that our biggest battle in this whole mess is getting chase to take his almost 2 tsp of this nasty medicine 3 times a day. Praise God!

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