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Monday, August 13, 2012

Blessings in disguise

I am part of a couple online boards that have managed, for the most part, to defy the odds of understanding and have actually been a source of great comfort to me.  We encourage one another, hold one another accountable in love, offer an understanding heart, and encounter many different viewpoints/personalities/personal faiths to help broaden our ability to relate and empathize with one another.

We've have endured the pain together through the loss of jobs and babies, encouraging those in hard marriages, broken family relationships, betrayal of friends, etc...  We have come to know each other, respect one another, and develop a bond through all kinds of situations.

Recently one of our friends has gotten into a ridiculously hard situation with jobs, house selling, house buying, trying to find a new job, and trying to be optimistic and a supportive wife and mother for her family.  We got together to try and figure out how we could bless her, and just let her know that no matter how screwed up things get, that she is blessed and can trust that it will all work out.  They say it's always darkest before the dawn.  My personal feeling is that sometimes the dire things we go through are the only ways we could have developed a closer relationship with our Lord b/c we're desperate for Him in the situation when we've exhausted ourselves trying to make it work and are more in tune with His voice.  His timing in never ours, but it does always come together no matter how messed up it seems.  Anyways, we decided to go in together and get her a gift certificate for her and her husband to each get an hour long massage.  Since they don't do couples massages, we also got her a pedicure to bide her time while she waits for the hubby to get done.  YES, YES, YES, my sweet friend, you did just read that right.  Go to Haar Friseure Spa and Salon and give them your name and cell phone # to pick up your gift certificate, OR you can just make an appt b/c they have your gift card already registered in their computer system under your name ;)

Moral of the story:  Read the links people send you, lolololol.


  1. Haha - awesome, Dacia :)
    K - we love you!!

  2. I love you girls so much. Thank you! I am crying my eyes out right now. God bless you and I am so blessed by you, my friends!