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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can we hear directly from God

YES!!!!  In fact, it's God's intention that we hear directly from Him.  It's because He loves us with such a zealous love, He wants us to depend on Him and not ourselves.  He created us to be one with Him through His Son.  Our current misunderstanding of trying to live a "good life" while He's up there somewhere in Heaven watching, tallying our deeds, blowing off our failures, and waiting to fulfill His purpose in creating us until we die and get up there, could NOT be more wrong.   We are to bring Heaven to Earth now; forgive so He forgives us, treat others as better than ourselves.  He desires to be personally involved in every aspect of our lives, and the more time we spend with Him, the more we recognize Him.  Or as I like to say, our eyes are opened where we were once blind.

Now that's not to say that I hear from Him on everything, b/c I don't.  Actually, there are many things in my life where I don't, but yet I can hear for other people and what He wants to tell them.  I think part of that is spiritual maturity (I've got a ways to go to be what He told us to be made into in His word) and the other part is that the Lord wants us to rely on His body (the followers of Jesus Christ aka the church) and not get into spiritual pride thinking we don't need anyone but Him.  Let me give two examples of someone hearing from the Lord (aka prophecy)... and then one where I did.

Last week I was blessed beyond words by a man Steve and I do not know very well coming up to us and speaking some words that God had placed on his heart for us.  He addressed three areas of which he had zero knowledge, but Steve and I knew exactly what he was talking about.  I was so excited that the Lord, in His love, did such a wonderful thing for us.  I'd love to go into more detail, but since it involves someone besides me, I'll wait for the go ahead ;)

Then tonight at church, I had my heart touched in a way that surprised even me with the Lord's heart for me.  I was at the front of the church (my normal place, lol) and was just praising the Lord while the Worship Team was singing.  After a while, the Pastor asked anyone who wanted prayer to come up, and for the prayer ministry team to come and pray for whoever they feel led to (there are flexible guidelines in place as far as praying for others goes).  One of the women on the worship team came over, gently placing her hand on me, and started softly singing 'Lord she just wants to know You'  Then she heard directly from Him, allowing her voice to give utterance to His heart, she continued singing 'I want her to know Me...', which led to her singing over really private and intimate cries of my heart, allowing me to hear that my Daddy sees those places, and His desire is for me to know Him in all of those ways also.  I can't explain to you how it felt to have her verbally say what He sees in my house, where I'm literally standing as I'm talking to Him, what I'm asking in those rooms of my house, the secret 'acceptable' sin of my heart, the insecurity that hides stealthily deep in my soul, and then His promise that I will see what I desire to have.  I wish that I had the writing skills that I see in my friends blogs b/c I know that I'm not even coming close to doing this beautiful gift the Lord has given us justice.  It has changed my life.

Last Wednesday at church, they had the prophecy team come up to the front of the church and just ask the Lord if there was anything He wanted to say to anyone.  I got a few bible verses and a few things impressed on my heart to share with a woman I didn't know, and I was VERY hesitant to do it.  I finally decided that God was bigger than me, and if I screwed it up, He can fix it.    I spoke forth what I felt has been given to me to say and there was no reaction that I could see from this woman, but that was okay b/c I knew that I was just trying to listen to the Lord, and regardless everything would be alright.  Then on Sat, I got confirmation that I nailed it, and the girl was completely blown away by what I had said.  Even better though, tonight as I was leaving, she just happened to be there for her 2nd time at our church, and came up to me to tell me how the bible verses I gave her addressed the 3 things on her heart, and how the words I spoke to her encouraged her so much b/c she was really struggling in those areas.

I was already in such a place of awe b/c of how the Lord had spoken to me through someone, and now I got to be even more awed that He would be so specific through me to address the concerns of her heart.  I am a mess.  I have so many flaws. I trust, lean on, and believe in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (note that the Lord is not just Savior, but also Lord), and He works through me in spite of my problems, b/c that's who He is.  God is love, and He'll work through anyone who will yield themselves to Him.

I can honestly say that I can't believe that I believe what I do, but there isn't a possibility that anyone could convince me otherwise now.  How does one turn back and deny the Holy Spirit once they've tasted and seen how good God is?  How can people expect me to not shout it from the rooftops when it's literally changed my life and who I am for the better?  His gifts are free, we might as well utilize them.


  1. I feel like I need to clarify the 'acceptable' sin I mentioned above. There is NO SUCH THING as an acceptable sin, but I've found in the church there are quite a few sins that we pretend are acceptable, if that makes sense. You hear gossip which is shared under the pretense of wanting you to pray about it, people comparing themselves to others, eating too much, putting other things before God, etc... I could on and on and on. I hope that clears things up for those that were thinking that there were some sins that were okay to participate in, there are not. It just seems that after being exposed repeatedly to it that we develop a hardened heart and don't recognize it for being the evil that it is. Thank God for His grace which is always sufficient though b/c we have ALL fallen short of the glory of God.

  2. wow. that is so awesome. God is good all the time. I want to do something like that. I am still trying to find out what my purpose is here.

    1. Your purpose is love and be loved by Him ;) Talking to the Lord and listening is the fastest way to know His love, peace, joy, kindness, and will.

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