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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where Do I Stand?

If life is a river, where am I in it?

Do I jump in and allow the current to carry me wherever it may lead, which may I add is always horizontal or down, it never brings one up

Do I swim backwards against it, fighting not to be carried down, but more than likely going anyways because the force is just too great to make much headway in?

Do I swim sideways, getting to the edge of the river and trying my best to use the soil that is consistently being washed away to help me get to more stable ground. This one reminds me of the shifting sand of life, can you really use it to get somewhere? I believe the answer is yes and no. Personal perseverance can NOT be discounted, but it shouldn't be our main means.

Do I put my hands up and out, being continually ready for a branch to pass by that I can grab and hold onto, until my Savior comes to lift me out, and place me on level ground? Do I have the faith that all I have to do is praise the Lord for His plan and purpose in my life, and be still before Him holding on the true vine that I have been grafted into, believing with every ounce of my heart that He is my rescuer and all I have to do is listen to His instruction to be safe and not drown?

I've come to the conclusion that I do all of the above, in different things, and in different measures. I also know that as I read God's word, and spend time in His presence, that He is bringing me to the point where the latter two examples form the basis for my life. It doesn't matter what we currently do in the current, as long as we are looking to Him to help us. I don't want to be swept away, especially not even knowing that is what is happening, kwim?

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  1. so I guess the question is where is the river taking you? If it is a place that God is taking you too, then stay in, but if you are in the wrong place, time to use every means to get out.

    My favorite quote is: "God's past Faithfulness demands me to trust now." So if God has rescued before, He will do it now. Not meaning all will go smoothly, there will be rapids and times we feel like we are falling and drowning, but God will bring you to the place He wants to... as we are submitting ourselves to Him... Good thoughts