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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Almost over...

It is almost over.  My D&C is tomorrow morning.  I find it a bit crappy that I'm getting the remnants of my 4th pregnancy removed Mother's Day weekend.  Kind of sucky if you ask me.  My Dr was so very humble and apologized that I am going through this 2 mo after finding out my baby died, and 3 mo now of him being in heaven.  He said that in hindsight since my numbers were dropping but not as fast as he's used to, he should have done things differently.  Hindsight is always 20/20.  I appreciated his honesty and heart.  He asked me to forgive him and I told him that I wasn't mad at him.  We're all human and make mistakes, and I'm just thankful that I didn't suffer any other consequences of having this inside of me so long.  Leave it to me to be a medical marvel, lol.  God is in this and is doing something great, and I need to keep my thoughts on Him, and completely come out of agreement with any kind of self-pity.  It is what it is, and God loves me so much that He is here to get me through it.

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