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Saturday, February 26, 2011

About to let the cat out of the bag...

Steve and I are about to tell our 3 boys (6, 4, and 3 yrs) that we are expecting our 4th.  We hadn't planned a 4th, but we were playing with fire using the FPM of prevention and not being super careful with it, lol.  I know the exact date that our divine misunderstanding occurred Christmas Eve.  What a beautiful gift to receive, right!!!  We are overjoyed and looking into how we can start budgeting even better than we already were =)

We haven't told the boys yet and are waiting until I'm 12 wks to do so.  We go in a few days for our first ultrasound and then plan to tell the boys that night before taking them to see Madagascar Live at the Civic Center. I can't wait to see and hear their reactions!!!  I pray for God's blessings that night that the boys will thoroughly enjoy the show (I'm pretty certain they'll be excited about the baby).  My oldest tends to say the exact opposite of what I'd expect, and then my middle boy tends to follow his older brother, and so on.  I would love to bless them with something that shows how much I value their enjoyment of life.

This is my first blog, and can't guarantee that there will be any more after this, but do plan to try.  I love the idea of having all the memories written down in something that won't disappear when the computer crashes!

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