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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why was I the only one to stop?

On Halloween, I was getting ready to head to church for our Light the Night with Jesus celebration, running behind as usual.  It ended up just being me and my 7 yr old that were going, b/c my 5 yr old was sick, and my 3 yr old wanted to stay home with him (to watch TV).

We are driving on a long stretch of road, a highway to be technical, and we're almost 20 min late.  I see a mile or so ahead of me a small person walking on the side of the road with a backpack on and slow down to a complete stop as we approach him.  I'm quite sure that was not the smartest idea as I put him, and us, in a bad situation as we had cars behind us and passing on the side, but I can't change it now.  Anyways, I rolled down the window as I had traffic stopped behind us, and asked what looked to be a 9 or 10 yr old boy if he needed a ride home.  He immediately said yes, but you could tell there was some conflict in his mind about whether he should have accepted.  He got in, and I introduced myself and my son, and asked why he was walking on the side of the road and if he was okay.

He explained that he went to the middle school about 2 miles back.  He had missed his bus, tried to run after it, but the driver apparently never saw him.  He then tried to get back into the school, but the doors were locked and he wasn't able to find an adult to help him.  He decided his best bet was to start walking home.

Looking back, it was a kind of stupid question to ask, but I asked him if he was praying as he walked home.  He said "Yeah, a few times.  I really didn't want to get lost."  I told him that Jesus heard his prayers and that's why I picked him up.  He then asked me what church I went to, so I told him.  He was like oh, okay.  He then told me that him and his mom went to The Church of Latter-day Saints of Jesus Christ.  I smiled and said oh, okay.  I told him when he got home to tell his mama that a Spirit-filled believer was used to answer his prayers. That went right over his head, but it's okay =)  I asked him if he knew his phone number,and he did, so I gave him my phone to call his mama so she'd know he was alright.  This at 5:20pm so she had to have been just worried sick about him.

I get to his house, and his mom came out to thank me.  She gave me a hug and you could tell that she was just beside herself in anguish, so thankful he turned out to be just fine and safe.  I told her what happened, and as I was getting back into the car, I told her he was praying and that Jesus Christ answered his prayers. I got into my car and just prayed for the Lord to water those seeds planted in their hearts, and bring them into the full and experiential knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ as the truth, the way, and the light in their lives.

I was just blown away by how this worked out.  Sebastian and I prayed the whole way to church just rejoicing over the love of God and how he works in the strangest of ways.  I've taken apart this whole situation multiple times, and analyzed it, and have come to the conclusion that it was a set up from God.  It makes NO sense why the fifty some cars that must've passed the lil' boy in the 2 miles he walk along this stretch of highway didn't stop.  I told my husband about it later, and he was plagued with guilt b/c he saw this lil' boy as he was coming home, and just assumed that since he was right by this side road when he saw him, that he was going to one of the houses there.  I told him that God had a plan in all this, and that if my husband would have picked him up, he most likely wouldn't have asked the asinine question of whether he was praying, that then allowed me to share a bit of the truth of our Lord and Savior with him.  I remember thinking why in the heck am I asking him this, as I was asking him too.  It was such a ridiculous question to ask a child who was lost and frightened, but there I was asking him anyways, lol.  I also had to laugh that once again I was running late to something I had promised to be at, so I could have also just driven by to get where I needed to go, but didn't.  I still just can't fathom that so many people passed this lil' guy who was obviously not where he needed to be, but I am so grateful that he was okay, and that his prayers were answered.

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